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Enhanced Phishing Defense Tool

Strengthen your team with MockPhishShield’s realistic simulations and strong defense against phishing, spoofing, and DDoS threats. Upgrade your cybersecurity approach, ensuring your staff is watchful and well-prepared. Opt for our user-friendly solution for advanced protection that adapts to evolving threats, reinforcing your defense against changing cyber risks

Built to Protect

Phishing Simulations

Conduct realistic phishing exercises using our campaign scheduler, resembling real cyberattack strategies

Engagement Analysis

Monitor how employees interact with simulated emails, providing insights into their response patterns

Analytical Algorithms

Utilize advanced algorithms to analyze responses, identifying weaknesses to phishing attacks.

Customized Learning Modules

Guide vulnerable employees to personalized, SCORM-compliant educational content, enhancing their cybersecurity awareness.

Policy Development and Tracking

Establish and monitor cybersecurity policies within your organization

SSO with Active Directory/LDAP

Seamlessly connect with Active Directory/LDAP for efficient user authentication and management.

Flexible Content Customization

Customize Emails and Landing Pages with Ease for Effortless Phishing Simulations

Comprehensive Access Control

Maintain strict control over feature access, ensuring both security and operational efficiency.

Exclusive Free Trial: Experience MockPhishShield Now!

Experience MockPhishShield’s impressive features with our free trial, be it as an individual user or a large organization. Discover how it enhances cybersecurity with no upfront costs

Explore the benefits of MockPhishShield

Enhanced Cybersecurity Awareness

Develop a team skilled at recognising and handling cyber threats

Adaptable Learning Solutions

Use a platform that grows with your business, ensuring relevant learning for everyone.

Empower Your Organization

With MockPhishShield, turn your employees into vigilant defenders against evolving cyber threats.

Smart Defense with Data Insights

Strengthen your defense against phishing using insightful analytics

Simplified Compliance and Reporting

Easily meet regulations and gain valuable insights through detailed reports.