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KIBA Labs (Foresight
Tech Solution)

Here at !KLABS', we do things differently. KLABS is a full-service software development company of engineers, designers and developers headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Since 2019, our strong technical team is focused on developing customer oriented software solutions. We are best with our forecasting system which allows clients to consistently hit their goals. Our work has resulted in a substantial growth for our clients and we have been recommended for our timeliness and proactivity.

Why Choose Us


Multidomain Expertise

We owe our clients to give best possible solution in industry for their business. We have a team of Business liaisons talking to clients in their language to ensure correctness and cleanness of implementation. We currently focus on 'Life Science', 'Algo Trading', 'Crypto Currency' , 'Supply chain' and 'e-Commerce' domain and looking forward into other domains.

Quality and scalable Solution

We work on solutions which has scope of integration with tools and technologies, if needed, post end user experience and feedback. Code quality compliance is imperative. Bad code quality does not only makes it difficult for others to read but also ends up consuming more server resources.

Openness honesty & Flexibility

We are open to any discussion because we believe that open communication among employees and communication with clients build strong relationship and trust. We are also flexible with our timings and refrain from keeping our clients in different timezone waiting for response over critical subjects.

Meet Our Team